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Monday, 22 November 2010

Twill Checked Blanket Warp

Because I cannot bear to suffer from Empty Loom Syndrome (ELS) I decided to put on this short 48" wide warp which has been hanging around chained and ready in my workshop drawer (hasn't it Fiona.....) for some time now. I haven't quite decided on the treadling/liftplan yet, other than it will be based on a 2/2 twill, maybe a point twill, but it's a straight threading on 8 shafts with the plain weave selvedge threaded on shafts 9-12 (ah, what a luxury...)
Inspired by weaving simple twills for Kate, I decided to change my plans. I had originally made the warp in 4 bundles, intending to weave a HUGE double width ( 96") blanket...but instead it will now be two single blankets , in the same colours but of similar, not identical design. The blankets will be for two single beds which are side by side. The warp stripes are loosely based on the Fibonacci series. The yarn is 2/9 to 2/11 Shetland mill-ends from Fairfield Yarns (see Links)
Here is the warp, beamed but not yet threaded. My warping paper is rather lopsided at the end!

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  1. Don't forget to treat it gently. It's been in the drawer for so long it won't be used to the light and air and will be feeling all scared and vulnerable!! Looks gorgeous. Love the sheen and softness of the brown yarn! It's going to be really snuggly and lovely!