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Monday, 12 September 2011

Yet More from The Wool Gathering

The scarf and pegloom rug are made from fleece, roving and yarn from Lancashire breeds. We managed a lot in one day but there is still a way to go, and all those ends to sew in......

Friday, 9 September 2011

More Woolly Stuff from the Wool Gathering

Fleece was also donated by Amanda Bingley from her small flock of Shetlands in Yealand Redmayne. This was incorporated into the peg loom rug together with other British (mainly Lancsashire) fleece, rovings and yarn and spindle spun into yarn to add to the scarf. The felt picture is one I made a couple of years ago but here it is acting as a backdrop to hide some of the mess in my shed!

Wool Gathering

Yesterday, nine of us gathered in my weaving shed for a fun day of knitting, pegloom weaving, pompom making, eating and general woolly merrymaking. Despite the awful weather we had a great day in celebration of British Wool Week. We used Lancashire Farm Wool from Kate Schofield in our Knit a Scarf Knitathon, our pegloom rug and our contribution towards Eden Arts Join the Flock Project.

 An eccentric bunch, our Lancashire sheep!
More sheep yet to be added once completed, plus photos of the scarf and pegloom rug.
We tasted sheep's milk cheese and home made sheep's yogurt ice cream and biscuits decorated by Pete:
Proceeds made up from yarn sales and donations will go to help Kate purchase more fleece next year from farms in support of the Lancashire Farm Wool project.
So that is our bit for this year's Campaign for Wool!