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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Far from Plain Weave on the Knitter's Loom

It may be a simple rigid heddle loom, but I am finding the possibilities are far beyond plain weave. Krokbragd is usually woven on 3 or more shafts, but with one rigid heddle and 2 pick-up sticks it can easily be woven to create a stunning efffect which looks much more complex than it actually is.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Weft-faced Bag Woven on knitter's loom

A funny little creation but this is what I made using weft-faced weaving on the Ashford Knitter's loom. It started as a sample but ended up being a bag. All the patterns are being created using shuttles, with no pick-up sticks and no finger manipulation.
The next part of the warp is being woven in krokbragd, then I will be experimenting using tapestry techniques and a second heddle kit, but hopefully my 16 shaft Megado should not be too long now!
I am planning a 16 shaft stitched double weave and then lots and lots of sampling, experimenting and designing!!

Gathering of Woolly Minds

It will only be a small, informal and low-key affair, but on Thursday 8th September I will be hosting a day of fibre fun to promote British Wool, and in particular Lancashire  breeds wool. Woolly activities, including participation in a national project, a group challenge and a variety of goodies are planned but will be kept as a surprise! My fibrey friends and contacts from around the north west are invited but if you read this, are local, and would like to come, just email me at janesflanagan@yahoo.co.uk or comment via this blog for more details.
No weaving photos as such just yet but as for rambling, I spent the weekend roaming around Monkey World in Dorset with my lovely mother-in-law Audrey, so here are a couple of photos!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Campaign for Wool

September 5-11th this year is the official UK Wool Week. Please follow the link on this blog to the website for the Campaign for Wool for more information about the UK and international campaign. The international Wool Week is in October, which has caused some confusion.
Anyway, I am planning an Event to promote British Wool on Saturday 10th September. I envisage an informal weave/spin/knit-in type get-together with drop -in activities and demonstrations of skills using British Wool.
 Nothing is finalised yet but watch this space as ideas develop into definite arrangements!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Weft-faced weaving on the Knitter's Loom

Continuing the theme of rediscovering the joys of simple forms of weaving, I warped up the knitter's loom with cotton warp yarn at 5 ends per inch and have been playing with weft-faced weaves! My intention is to weave a sampler showing many (but by no means all) of the possible designs, both with a shuttle and hand-manipulated, to be used with beginner weavers, and also to create a small shoulder bag. Here is what I have covered so far!