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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Weft-faced Bag Woven on knitter's loom

A funny little creation but this is what I made using weft-faced weaving on the Ashford Knitter's loom. It started as a sample but ended up being a bag. All the patterns are being created using shuttles, with no pick-up sticks and no finger manipulation.
The next part of the warp is being woven in krokbragd, then I will be experimenting using tapestry techniques and a second heddle kit, but hopefully my 16 shaft Megado should not be too long now!
I am planning a 16 shaft stitched double weave and then lots and lots of sampling, experimenting and designing!!


  1. This is a beautiful weave- how did you do this, if not be pick up stick or finger manipulation? I have an AKL 12" loom and a 24" Kromski Harp RH. I took Jane Patrick's RH class, and want to do everything with RH looms. I don't like the loud sound of regular looms. Very int. in your techniques! I'm ChelleC 100 at yahoo dot com - thanks!

  2. Hi, thanks for your kind comments. If you have attended a class with Jane Patrick and have her book, then you will find this very straightforward. It is simply weft-faced plain weave with the pattern created by the sequence in which the different coloured wefts. No pick up sticks. The secret really lies in getting a good ratio between the sett of the warp yarns (here 5 ends per inch) and the thickness of the weft yarns. Here I used 2 ends together of Shetland yarn in various colours of around 2/12 to 2/14 count. The warp needs to be strong, smooth and tight, and sett loosely enough to allow the weft to pack down and cover it completely. There are a lot of picks to the inch here, at least 24!
    Just experiment with a shuttle for each colour and wrapping shuttles at the selvedge for a neat edge. Pick and pick ( one pick of one colour followed by one of another colour) creates vertical stripes. The patterns in the bag have mainly been created by surrounding pick and pick areas with bands of one solid colour or another or by alternating 2 picks of each colour etc and generally playing around. All the patterns are made by the shuttle travelling the whole width of the weaving.
    Just experiment and design on the loom! Hope this helps!

  3. PS!
    If you were referring to the krokbragd design, this is a simple technique, again weft faced, with one pick up stick and a repeated series of the same 3 picks. Again, it is the placement and sequence of the coloured wefts which determine the pattern.