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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Atticus blanket off the loom!

The first blanket is off the loom, washed and shrunken within an inch of its life and I am delighted with the result!
I like both sides equally, and of course, being reversible it is very practical for a baby....in case you are wondering, the baby's name is Atticus-the literate amongst you will of course know this is the name of the lawyer in To Kill a Mocking Bird!

Draft for Latest Weaving Project

So here it is in detail if anyone wants to have a go at weaving it. I have decided it is not a true deflected double weave, as besides the woven areas of all cotton and all wool, there are also some mixed areas where the wool and cotton combine. It will be interesting to see what happens when the blanket is washed. I have altered the draft for the second blanket to eliminate this mixing and it remains to be seen what will happen as a result.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Deflected Double Weave Blanket

This is being woven in 2/16 and 2/8 combed cotton and 2/28 cashmere and wool, on 12 shafts. As a first project on a new loom it is a bit ambitious as it is almost the full width of the loom and using both beams, but the electronic dobby is working well. I am hoping that on washing the wool will shrink quite a lot and create a soft, bobbly surface in the cotton areas, ideal for a blanket.

New Loom in situ!

Finally, after months of waiting, the new Megado electronic 16 shaft loom is installed in The Shed and up and running!