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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Deflected Double Weave Blanket

This is being woven in 2/16 and 2/8 combed cotton and 2/28 cashmere and wool, on 12 shafts. As a first project on a new loom it is a bit ambitious as it is almost the full width of the loom and using both beams, but the electronic dobby is working well. I am hoping that on washing the wool will shrink quite a lot and create a soft, bobbly surface in the cotton areas, ideal for a blanket.


  1. Thanks Margreet! How are you? What are you weaving these days??

  2. Hi Jane! The loom looks great in your lovely weaving shed - I hope I'll be able to post pics of mine soon! It's still waiting for me to do a decent tie up!

  3. Hi Jane.
    I know how lucky I am to have your old Octado, but it still doesn't stop the envy creeping in when I see this..just remember, if you ever get fed up with it I can give it a good home LOL

  4. Bloomin cheek! Give me a chance to use it first! You won't get your hands on this one in a hurry!