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Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Atticus blanket off the loom!

The first blanket is off the loom, washed and shrunken within an inch of its life and I am delighted with the result!
I like both sides equally, and of course, being reversible it is very practical for a baby....in case you are wondering, the baby's name is Atticus-the literate amongst you will of course know this is the name of the lawyer in To Kill a Mocking Bird!


  1. What a great name to go through life with.... One of the finest roles played on screen by one of my favourite actors.
    It looks fantastic Jane...maybe it will become his favourite "comfort" blanket and, like my daughters, stay with her into adulthood.

  2. That's turned out brilliantly - I'd love to be able to feel it too! I'm impressed you managed to get good shrinkage out of the wool/cashmere. I came completely unstuck on a Bradford sample where a wool/cashmere blend just would not shrink at all! Had to do it all over agin with plain wool...

  3. Thanks for your comments-I will let you into a secret- i used an unorthodox method to finish this blanket. After hand washing I omitted spinning and just squeezed out excess moisture before putting the blanket straight into the tumble dryer. I then plonked myself on a chair in front of the dryer and neurotically watched the process, removing and checking progress at least every five minutes until it was "cooked" to my liking! I was worried that prolonged washing might damage the fibres. This worked for me!

  4. It's beautiful. I'd make the next one just like the first. If I could make one like the first, that is.