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Friday, 9 September 2011

More Woolly Stuff from the Wool Gathering

Fleece was also donated by Amanda Bingley from her small flock of Shetlands in Yealand Redmayne. This was incorporated into the peg loom rug together with other British (mainly Lancsashire) fleece, rovings and yarn and spindle spun into yarn to add to the scarf. The felt picture is one I made a couple of years ago but here it is acting as a backdrop to hide some of the mess in my shed!


  1. Love the pom-pom sheep especially the one wearing funky shades!! You worked hard in between munching biscuits I think,I can see the lovely Fergus looking a bit sheepish among the posh pom-pom sheep but he is only a 'rescue' not a rare breed!!

  2. You may be anonymous but I know who you are Kate! Yes, the lovely Fergus is indeed a member of the flock and we don't care whether he is rescued, rare or common as muck- we are a mixed and multicultural bunch and proud of it!