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Monday, 1 November 2010

First 12 shaft warp in situ!

To make sure everything is set up in a tickety-boo fashion, my first 12-shaft warp is a pleated satin scarf in Shetland wool, in 4 randomly-threaded warp colours and a single additional weft colour. Sett for 12 thread satin pleats very close at 30 ends per inch, around double the plain weave sett for these yarns, which average at 2/11 count. The intention is for the fabric to pleat naturally on finishing but without being stiff as a board.....watch this space....
Close-up showing weft at around 20 picks per inch


  1. Lovely way to try out those extra shafts!

  2. Oh I say! That looks gorgeous! Very excited to see how it comes out. Beautiful colours!