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Friday, 19 November 2010

New collapse weave wool scarves

Here is the latest collapse weave scarf, this time in a different colourway...more bright colours, fewer subdued hues. The Platform Gallery would like a few more scarves for the current exhibition, so this and a few others will be going to Clitheroe next week. It is very interesting to see how people respond to a similar design but in a different range of colours and shades. I didn't think these would work as the design process was a little rushed, but most people seem to prefer them!


  1. Is this the red and gold one that was on the loom last time I came? or is it one you've done with your new yarns? can't tell from the piccy!! It's nice, whichever one it is. I find it amazing how the same basic structure has such a different "feel" in different colourways. Compare this to the autumny coloured one!! Fabulous!

  2. It is the same one but the photograph is rather over-exposed!