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Friday, 19 November 2010

Just because I felt like it........

I was scouring the internet for knitted balaclava patterns and came across this image, and I could not resist posting it on the blog.....


  1. Bless him! He still manages to look dignified, even though he's wearing that ridiculous balaclava!!

  2. Hehehe that's nearly as good as the Bataclava I made!! Lx

  3. I need some balaclavas like this for an antarctic expedition. Any suggestions? Ed.wardle@raw.co.uk

  4. I seem to remember it was from a website for knitting patterns for historical re-enactments that this particular image was discovered! Other balaclavas just don't have the "skirt" part, which I presume was to prevent chafing from a helmet! If I find it again I will post here. Good luck!