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Friday, 28 July 2017

My Unusual Commission

I have been busy! My latest commission has been to recreate, as closely as possible, the original fabric used to cover the speakers on certain models of Dansette record players from the 1950s and 60s. This has been a real challenge, but an enjoyable and rewarding one. Starting from analysing the original fragments (very fragile, nicotine-stained and damaged) to ascertain the yarns, the sett and the weave structure, I sampled extensively until the best possible likeness was achieved. The photo shows the final sample in situ in a newly-renovated Dansette, brought back to life by Mike from Dansette http:/dansette.com
Looking mighty fine! Now all I need to do is weave the remaining 20 metres!


  1. I have done similar work for the restoration of vintage juke boxes (You know, the kind of thing you would see in a tavern or a pub where you insert coins and select the music you want to hear). Finding materials to match the original is always a challenge, but seeing the finished cloth on the juke box makes it all worth while.

    Good luck with your 20 meters. The first meter is kind of exciting, but by the time your get to ten and know you have as much to go as you just made, it is time to listen to a book on CD, preferably something engrossing, to carry on.
    Sharon (Salt Lake City)

  2. Thanks for your reply, Sharon. We still see juke boxes in many pubs here in the UK although I'm sure the actual technology must have changed over the years! The example in the photo was from a sample, so the remaining pieces will be even better, but we are excited by how good it looks. However, had I known in advance how many hours and how much work would be involved, I would have quoted a much higher amount for this particular commission! I have enjoyed it immensely though.