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Thursday, 10 March 2016


I can't believe it has been so long since I posted on the blog.....

I never made it to Kendal Wool Gathering, due to illness, and this year I have decided to make quite a few changes.

I shall be at the Rheged Knit and Stitch as usual on April 17th-18th, but this is the only event as such that I am planning on participating in this year, and where I shall be taking my Estonian wool, which is a real shame and I am so sorry to those loyal customers who love this product. But I simply don't have the time to maintain the website and keep up to date with orders as I am now doing so much more teaching. I am not applying to Woolfest or Yarndale but I do have some bits and bobs of stock left so do email me if you are interested in the Estonian wool-but I shall not be re-ordering for the foreseeable future.

The Shed is always full of people  wanting to learn to weave, and this means I have less room for stock and other paraphernalia. I still keep managing to accumulate looms though.....

This year I need to concentrate on my teaching and on my own design and weaving work-moreover, and probably more importantly, on improving my own health. As well as arthritis in the creaky old knees I seem to have developed a back problem for which I shall be having intensive physiotherapy.
This has prevented me from getting anywhere near a loom for the last few weeks other than to teach. Understandably this has made me even grumpier than ever....

In better news!!!! No creaking joints were going to keep me away from Waddow Hall and 15 of us enjoyed a wonderful weekend of weaving again recently. I wish I had taken more photos but those of you who were there please do send some on so that I can put them on the blog. There was such an array of different looms, yarns, apparatus, not to mention Carol and her "Spinning Corner", and the constant, well what is the collective term for the sound made by a roomful of weavers? A THRUMBLE maybe?

The four day course in September is now full apart from those last minute places which always seem to materialise and which I never seem to be able to turn down.

That's enough from me for now-what have I forgotten? Loads I'm sure.

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