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Friday, 15 May 2015

Weaving in the Dordogne

I have just returned from a wonderful week in France, where I took part in a 3-day weaving workshop led by Marian Stubenitsky, based on her book "Weaving with Echo and Iris".
We focused on 8-shaft designs using network drafting to devise a threading in four colours, trying out a range of tie ups and lift sequences to create a variety of single and double layer fabrics, each one of which showed iridescence in a different way.
It was a fascinating, challenging and above all enjoyable few days in a beautiful Dordogne setting-with a great teacher and a group of like-minded weavers. Oh and not forgetting the excellent food and accommodation provided by our hosts, Gail and Mike Smith!


  1. beautiful work! Makes me feel a real dunce though!

  2. It was certainly a completely different way of designing for me, Kate!