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Friday, 1 November 2013

New weaving commission

I have finally started on a huge weaving commission for June of Salt after waiting weeks for the cotton yarn to arrive! The warp is crammed and spaced randomly threaded cotton and viscose and the weft is.....horsehair! This makes the weaving extremely slow, as each bundle of horsehair weft must be placed in the shed and positioned by hand! I invented a gadget to help with this, ably constructed by husband Joe. The gadget grasps the group of wefts and holds them together inside an aluminium tube which then acts as a shuttle to pull them across the shed before releasing them in position.
It is painstaking work but the results are stunning!




  1. What an interesting commission! Looks great.

  2. Hi Jane
    Been busy so not checked your blog for a while. Wow! Fancy getting a commission like that - it looks absolutely brilliant. I will send your page link to Gail so she can see it. What will it be used for? x

  3. Hi the commission is finished and will be made into three panels, each over 6m for a huge penthouse window. It was a simple construction but a physical and mental challenge to complete!