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Monday, 9 July 2012

New scarf

This  project was planned to show some ideas of the different effects that can be created on a very simple loom. The knitter's loom (rigid heddle) was warped up using several varied yarns of different fibre type, colour and texture. Some wool, linen, cotton, acrylic and mixed fibres with a linen weft. So long as care is taken with tensioning whilst beaming the warp, there are no particular problems on a short warp length, although this might become a problem on a longer piece. This was also an experiment with different colours for me-quite a change from my usual palette!


  1. I love the colour palette but I would still be rather reticent about coping with the tension with all those different yarns in the warp :-)

  2. One of the advantages of the rigid heddle loom is that the wider holes and slots in the heddle permit the use of different types, thicknesses and textures of yarns. This warp was fine for a scarf-length project, but any more than that and I would have had to adjust the tension-not a major issue if you know what to expect!

  3. This is lovely to see as I bought myself a rigid heddle loom at Woolfest this year and am trying to get to grips with it (have assembled but not warped up yet). It is wonderful to see what can be done with it.

  4. Thanks Carolyn. The rigid heddle loom is really versatile and great fun-not difficult at all to use but capable of weaving many different designs and weave structures!