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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

New website!

My new website is now live! I am delighted with it and can now make all changes and updates myself-yippee! Many thanks to Shaun of Jigsaw Internet Solutions for setting it up  http://www.boltonwebdesign.co.uk/ and patiently talking me through all the nitty gritty. Very reasonable pricing too.
The website address is the same as before:  www.janeflanagantextiles.co.uk or follow the link from the Links section of this blog.
I hope to add a Shop facility very soon, and will be selling wool batts for felt making from Estonia, and pure wool Estonian knitting yarns in lots of delicious colours. In addition, I will be selling knitting yarn from Kate at the Lancashire Farm Wool  project and maybe even some small bits of equipment like inkle looms and peg looms....

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