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Friday, 15 July 2011

Empty Loom Syndrome.....

Well my Octado 8 shaft electronic dobby loom is now happily ensconced in the Dordogne, and creating beautiful pieces of weaving with the help of its new owner Mike and his wife....my 12 shaft countermarche loom will soon be relocating to Italy.....and I must wait till September for the arrival of my new 16 shaft 130cm Megado loom with electronic dobby........
I must content myself with teaching (3 students now!) doing "events" and talks and sampling on the Leclerc Voyageur 8 shaft sample loom. (This blog will only ever be of interest to weavers....)
I have warped up for a 4 layer cloth in 4 colours and will experiment with all the possible permutations- 4 separate layers in 4 colours, joined layers, interchanging colours between layers, a cloth 4 times the width of the little loom, a tube within a tube......etc etc etc.
Photos to follow. That is enough rambling for one morning, need to get ready for today's class.

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